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Wix specialistS for creative web design & development

For all your website design and marketing needs, Wix Dr is here ready to launch you into the world wide web.

About Wix Dr

Wix Dr is a UK based web design and marketing agency, specialising in the Wix platform. You can find out why we choose to use Wix to build affordable and effective websites here. We offer custom design, editing and management on the Wix platform, alongside digital marketing and branding services. We are a small, family-run team of passionate designers and technologists who truly believe that even small businesses and freelancers can have amazing professional websites. 

Our core team of three is made up of founder Ross (M.Sc. computer scientist), Kyle (B.A. business and digital marketing specialist) and Claire (branding and design specialist). Ross first explored the world of web development after he was given a pricey quote of £4000 for a start-up business website. Determined to find a cheaper alternative, he applied his knowledge of coding to creating the exact website he wanted for hundreds, saving thousands. Realising just how affordable websites can and should be, Wix Dr was born.



We are a specialist Wix Web Design agency - we choose to build and develop websites using the Wix platform almost exclusively. This is for a number of reasons:


A lot of the hard work is already in place with a new Wix project, including a lot of the required functionality and compatibility with all devices, ultimately making it a lot cheaper to build for you.


Understanding the inner-workings of Wix, we have perfected a highly efficient workflow to offer an extremely quick turn-around time. Simple websites can be built in a matter of hours/days instead of weeks.


Wix content management is very easy for the end-user, which means you can take control of your own website and manage it's content. We try to design websites so you don’t need us to make updates or manage your content (although we do offer site editing and ongoing website management if you'd like it!).

The expert developers on our team can implement advanced and custom functionality using Javascript and Velo by Wix (custom coding). We have created many advanced, bespoke solutions using the Wix platform. To see our services click here.


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