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Going Vegan Is Easier Than Going Plastic-Free!

I went vegan 12 years ago. I used to have to tell people what the word 'vegan' meant! It was a very different time and it's safe to say we have come a long way since then. Deciding to go vegan in such a 'non-vegan' world meant that I struggled to find things for the first two years or so, and it felt like every meal was a bit of a mission. This is how I think it is when you decide to go totally plastic-free now! It's sadly a very 'non-plastic-free' world we live in. It seems almost pro plastic!

So how do you do it?

It's a journey. Deciding one day to cut out all the plastic in your life is almost a near impossible commitment. You will soon discover things that are made from plastic that you had never noticed before. All your cosmetics, most of your food, clothing, medicines, and even pens!

It was only a few weeks ago Ross and I realised we had totally missed the fact that we use plastic pens everyday!

Don't overwhelm yourself and feel bad. Start replacing one item at a time, or one section of products at a time. Cosmetics is a really good place to start. Cosmetics companies have taken a good lead with this and finding shampoo bars, tooth tabs and even reusable ear 'cotton' buds is so easy. Once you have mastered being plastic-free in this area, move onto the next area, such as makeup, then clothing, then food and so on.

Food is the hardest as nearly EVERYTHING in supermarkets is covered in plastic, but there are some quick changes you can implement straight away, like reusable eco cups, water bottles and getting your staple foods like rice, pasta, and nuts from a zero waste store.

Not vegan but conscious of the waste your produce? Sounds like you really care about the planet but maybe haven't thought about how the food you eat affects the environment. Eating a plant based diet is the most impactful single action anyone can take to reduce your impact on the planet. Plus, it's effortless now. If you have mastered being plastic free, you will find this change easy peasy!

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