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How To Say "I'm Sorry' And Why People Struggle To Apologise

Whether you find it hard to say 'I'm sorry' or you know someone who can't bring themselves to say it - this is why I think it is.* Check out the video or read through the main 3 points below.

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Strength or weakness?

It's easy to feel as though you are showing weakness when you say the words sorry, but the reality is, it takes a lot more strength to admit when you have potentially done something wrong, or hold yourself accountable for causing someone else to feel badly. The words 'I'm sorry' are powerful and it takes a stronger person to say them than it does not to.

Got a big ego?

We all come wired with an ego, but when it comes to apologising we need to recognise that it doesn't make us any lesser of a person. It shows we care, that we don't value our own ego more than the other persons feelings. Ditch your ego that is holding the words in and be the person that dares to care!

We need to survive!!

Apparently, when we are in an argument an instinctive part of us comes out. We go into survival mode! We treat every little spat as if we are fighting to our death! There is no wonder that we get so caught up in little tiffs sometimes! So, please forgive yourself for any argument that quickly got out of hand. You're going against nature when you pull back from a disagreement, but I do like to think that we have evolved enough socially to stop in our tracks and take a side step away from the war zone. During a disagreement, try to press pause- Remember that you aren't in a life or death situation and a simple 'I'm sorry' could bring peace to you much quicker!

That's it! 3 very easy tips to take on board. They have really helped me with 1. Understanding when to opt out of a conversation with someone who hasn't mastered this yet, 2. being more understanding towards those that can't say sorry easily and 3. saying sorry with ease even when I feel very stressed with a situation.

Peace and Love,


*I am not a doctor, I just think an awful lot and have had way too many testing life lessons hurtled my way, meaning I either sunk or researched and swam!

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