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How To Turn 30 And Not Freak Out

You can check out my video below to hear all my thoughts about turning 30 or scroll down to my main points to avoid freaking out over your age!

Turning thirty can be pretty tough for some of us. In fact, I did a little test and told everyone I was freaking out on an IG story to see what responses I got. All but one responses were from women in complete agreement. I really don't want you feeling THIS distressed over a silly little number, so here are some reasons why we feel so badly about this birthday and pointers to help you feel...not so badly!

Physical fitness and deterioration:

Through many media outlets we are made to feel that the twenties are when we are at our best. Apparently we have the most fun then, the best bodies and it's a downward spiral from then on. WRONG! We all know this is unrealistic and not a true reflection of reality when we give it a little more thought. I personally am in better shape now than I ever have been. I go on long distance runs (which I could never do at a younger age), I eat better, I work on my mind daily and I'm happier. You can improve physically and mentally at any age! So cross this one off your list!

Conditioned Tick Lists:

For some reason movies love to show people meeting the love of their life in their twenties or even earlier at school! They have a career peak at the exact same time. They get an unusually big house in a picturesque setting and have no trouble conceiving their first of three children at the budding age of 25. Come on! - This has got to be a joke? There's no wonder we have conditioned ourselves to think we must have the following by the age of 30:

  1. Marriage

  2. Car

  3. Mortgage

  4. Children

  5. A family pet

  6. An established Career

THIS LIST IS NOT REAL! It is simply a reflection of what we have seen on our screens our entire life. However, if these are the things that you want then go get them! Just don't put an age limit on them because there really isn't a "30years old expiry date" attached to them! My life took some big twists and turns with cheating exes, having money stolen from me, dealing with narcissistic humans (if you know, you know!), moving around for cant plot and plan for these unexpected situations - its life, overcome the bad and enjoy the good at whatever age!

Grieving over lost time:

There is a subconscious element of grief attached to birthdays. You acknowledge becoming a year older and therefore reflect back on previous ages. I personally have always been a bit weird about time passing by and with every year that passes, I reflect back on years that have passed me by. A way to look at this past time positively is to write particular memories down and focus on what you gained from them. If you have had a tough time, practice gratitude and be grateful that they are no more. Looking at your present day and towards a bright future is a much happier way to think about time.

It's nothing but a number:

We hear this saying regularly and because of that, it is easily disregarded, but it truly is just a number. There are entire cultures and communities that not only don't celebrate their birthdays, but they don't even keep track of "age". Some people even believe that focusing on age is what contributes to the ageing itself! My good friend Jen believes that if you focus on the age you are turning, you are manifesting ageing itself. The mind is a very powerful place and I for on will definitely start celebrating 'the day I was born' as apposed to how long ago that day way!

Whatever your age - Happy being alive day! 💕

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